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    Understanding our clients’ visions and bringing them to life is what we have always been able to pride ourselves upon. Working with natural materials provides us with endless possibilities to showcase our creativity. Whether it is enhancing the existing beauty of your surroundings or having the freedom to create new imaginative designs, we understand how to both improve and preserve the environment around you.

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    Amazing Landscaping Services

    You don’t have to put up with brown, patchy grass and wilting flowers in your San Antonio yard anymore.

    Yard by Design landscaping can transform your yard and garden. Our landscaping experts have years of experience that we’ll use to design and maintain your home’s landscaping. Our knowledge of horticulture will supply you with healthy, flourishing vegetation.

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    As a full service landscape design & management company, we specialize in the areas of landscape design

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Light pruning, which is usually all that should be needed in proactive tree management programs can be done at any time of the year. If major pruning is needed to compensate for structural defects or other reasons, winter is the best time because leaves don’t obscure the tree’s structure. It also depends, somewhat, on the species of the tree(s).

    Newly planted trees and shrubs should be watered approximately twice each week when there is no rain. Be sure to direct irrigation water onto the root ball of the tree(s), where most of the live roots are located. Most established plants should be irrigated thoroughly once a week during the growing season when no rain occurs. Moisture meters can be installed by Arborists to assess plant water needs.

    Sometimes tree care is a multiple-choice answer – the diagnosis may not be obvious. An associate will identify the problem area(s), recommend a program of treatment and perform the procedure(s) necessary. We believe in proactive (preventive) care programs – maintaining healthy landscapes – avoiding decline and damage rather than reactive tree care that is performed after problems occur.

    It’s a side effect of the fertilization process. When fertilizer is added to the root zone of a tree or shrub it can’t help but fertilize the lawn a little bit as well. The increased nutrients cause the grass to grow in green clumps.

    We will meet and discuss with homeowners then a design will be put together. Another meeting will take place to go over the design and any changes requested by homeowner are then done.

    It is generally agreed that fall and spring are the best seasons to plant. These allow for the best opportunities for maximum growth for newly planted seeds and bulbs. Summer and winter months are not ideal for landscape installation, but lawns still need regular watering during these months to ensure proper growth.

    Installing a quality landscape will increase your home’s value. And the aesthetics of a beautiful landscape is always a help in selling your home. But the most significant return on the investment is your enjoyment of creating the perfect landscape. You can turn your backyard into a personal paradise. This can improve the length of your life, as you spend more time out relaxing and enjoying life outside.

    We offer customized maintenance packages for any landscape. But if you would like to maintain it yourself, we will give you specific instruction and tips on how to keep your landscape looking its best! Also, we are always available to check in after the job is done and offer some additional advice if needed, free of charge.

    Ground Cover refers to low growing plants that are grown across your landscape. Well planned and designed ground cover prevents soil erosion, controls weeds, defines pathways, and fills in garden voids. Hundreds of ground cover varieties are chosen to specifically match your landscape (soil, sunny vs shady areas) and to tie all the components of your environment together.

    Landscaping is not a one-price-fits-all industry. When looking for a landscape company, you must be able to trust them and know that they are going to stay within your budget. We strive to learn exactly what it is that you want in your landscape and what your budget will be to accomplish your dream yard. We will ask a series of questions to make sure that we are building the landscape according to your vision, but you must be honest about what you want and how much you can spend.


    Here’s what our happy drivers had to say about our services:

    I want to send a BIG SHOUT OUT and THANK YOU, to Yard By Design! They were very professional. They did an amazing job with cutting back branches from my roof line. They clean up like they were not even there. While I was inside they stood up for me when neighbors was upset because they were cutting parts of the tree that crossed over to my property. If you have yard or tree work to be done PLEASE give them a call.

    Nathan Toney

    Priscilla and her team did an excellent job at my home. She was extremely responsive by visiting my property very quickly when I contacted her, quoting me a very fair price and delivered above and beyond on the day of their visit! I highly recommend their services and really am pleased by their outstanding work. I will call them in the future for continued maintenance for my property.

    Berenice Gamino
    I am extremely happy with their service & would recommend to anyone. Priscilla & Chris were super professional. Impeccable service. Our trees needed trimming so badly. Not only did they do a great job they cleaned up all the debris and raked and everything!! They are licensed, insured, bonded & worth every dollar spent! Would hire them again.
    Valerie Lucio Polk

    Priscilla is completely knowledgeable in all questions I had. From start to finish the work they did on my landscaping was beyond anything I could have done myself or even thought of. I will recommend yard by design to friends and family.

    Alejandra Romero

    Priscilla is very professional and knowledgeable of her trade. She was recommended to me by a friend and her company gave me exactly what I wanted for my yard. I highly recommend her to my neighbors, friends and family.

    Brenna Benavidez

    For several years I have used the services of the company, YARD BY DESIGN. The owner provides great professional services and is insured and bonded. The company is B.B.B. approved. It is so difficult to find good services and if you need quality at reasonable prices, please use this company!

    Ariel Greenburg

    Yard was looking impecable, all the weeds were taken care off and even more. I could see some off the objects in the front yard again I totally enjoyed coming outside again. MY HOA EVEN SAID SOMETHING 👏🏽💆🏽‍♂️

    Whatup With ALE

    Very professional, Arrive exactly on time. Did a wonderful job on my yard!!

    Ryan Stewart

    Beautiful work on my trees.
    Definitely made the right choice!

    Cassie Price

    They are very professional and

    Duke Murray

    Experienced Tree Care Company

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