5 Recommendations for Low-Maintenance Yard

It’s easy to get caught up designing a beautiful yard filled with flowers, shrubs, trees and grasses.  But when you realize that those types of yards require plenty of hours to maintain, you may rethink your plan.  Your property should be a place that you go to enjoy – not constantly weed and mow! Here are five simple and easy landscaping ideas to create a low-maintenance yard in San Antoni and the surrounding area.

Ditch Traditional Grass

During the summer months in San Antonio, a homeowner will typically need to mow and trim their grassy yard once a week. Depending on the size of your yard, this can take a few hours each week.  If you’re tired of mowing your grass, you’ve got some options:

Plant a Tall Grass: Native grasses like switchgrass, bluestem and fountain grass grow quickly and require little maintenance. They soak up plenty of water and provide an organic privacy screen. The only maintenance you need to do is during late fall when the tall grasses will need to be cut back.

Create Pathways: Reduce the amount of high-maintenance grass in your yard by installing pathways. Use decorative stones to create pathways that require little or no care. Choose from a variety of decorative stone styles and colors to add aesthetic appeal to your property.

Install Fake Grass: Perfect for homeowners limited on time, fake grass doesn’t need to be cut, watered or fertilized. It’s installed easily over a bed of gravel and attached with sod staples. With the newer faux turf, nobody but you will even know that it’s fake!

Use Moss Instead: Have a shady yard? Mosses are fuss-free plants that grow in areas where most types of grasses aren’t successful. They require little to no maintenance.

Choose Low-Maintenance Plants

When you choose plants for your yard, do your research first!  To avoid constant pruning, plant the right size plant in the right place. Plant in groups to make it easier to care for the plants (and mow around). Choose plants with similar light, water and care needs for the greatest chances of success.

Stay Simple with Your Design

Yard extras like statues and water features look great – when they’re well maintained. But when you don’t spend time upkeeping them, they can quickly become an eyesore.  Instead of installing yard accents, keep your landscaping design simple for easy care and maintenance.

Use Mulch

For a quick and easy low-maintenance solution, apply mulch around your yard. Best known for its ability to suppress weeds, mulch also holds in moisture and reduces the amount of watering required. Mulch also releases nutrients into the soil and improves the appearance of flower beds.

Appreciate the Value of Rocks

Rocks are an amazingly easy, versatile addition in a low-maintenance outdoor space. They can be creatively used to make walkways or decorative outcroppings. Small spaces can be completely rocked over to eliminate the need for grass entirely.

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