The Best Way To Cover Exposed Tree Roots

Nothing’s more picturesque in the summer time than seeing your healthy trees grow tall and wide. However, the sprawling exposed tree roots that can occur aren’t as pleasing to the eye (or safe for those frolicking in your yard). Unfortunately, there is little you can do to get rid of these roots. Things like pruning or cutting exposed roots can make a tree unhealthy and have the potential for creating irreversible harm the tree. So what can be done? Covering those exposed tree roots may help.

Choosing the best way to cover your exposed tree roots: Pros and cons

Grass or flowers

This can be a beautiful look, adding color and vibrancy under your tree. However, the tree’s shady canopy will most likely block the grass and plants from getting enough sunlight. Additionally, tree roots don’t like to share and will end up taking most of the water in the soil for themselves, leaving your grass and flowers dry. One trick is adding grass and flowers over the roots that need little water and sun. This may require a little experimenting in finding your ideal flower and grass that thrives in this specific environment.


Adding topsoil on top of the exposed root can seem like an easy, cost effective choice. However, if you use the wrong soil or pack the soil too much, you will jeopardized the ability for the tree to stay hydrated. Additionally, it’s only a quick fix because eventually the root will likely grow through the soil shortly thereafter.


Adding concrete to create a stepping stone path sounds like a lovely idea. However, concrete will block the tree roots from access to the oxygen and water it needs. As time goes on, the tree roots with crack the concrete in their search for fresh air. Therefore, as a long-term fix, concrete isn’t ideal.


Depending on your needs, mulching may be the best way to cover tree roots above ground. By adding two to three inches of mulch it can give that clean, crisp look to your landscape and moisturize and protect the roots. What’s not to love about this solution to exposed tree roots? It’s less mowing for you, and gives your yard a nice look.

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